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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Makeup Trends

Hi loves!!!

Every season brings a different look to the runways. Makeup goes deeper and is set off with either a darker red or berry lipstick look or beautiful deep neutral lips that work perfectly with darker eyeshadows.  Here's tip trends that work:

  • Smokey eye makeup set off with a deep neutral lipstick.
  • Eyeshadow placed above & below the eyes & slightly smudged.
  • Brown eyeshadow for a just one color look.
  • Red or berry lipstick topped w/ some gloss.
  • Natural look w/ a berry lipstain and flushed cheeks.
  • Matte foundation w/ an added shimmer.
  • Evening looks that have added depth to the eyes & shine to the lips.

Makeup Tips

Think of this as time for sensational skin w/ color as an enhancement.  Always start w/ your complexion: skin treatments & face primer.

1. Smokey eyes.  Everyone can wear a smokey eye.  You can use grey or brown eyeshadows to start.  Line your eyes w/ a deeper color or a burgundy eyeliner w/ it for an evening look.

This easy eyeliner method will teach you how to put on eyeliner that always looks great. Here’s how:2. Not sure about eyeliner??? Well just jump in!! Stat w/ a dry powder & a flat brush - then try liquid liner. 
* Take your eyeliner brush and swish the tip back and forth into a little of the brown   eyeshadow. Tap on a paper towel. (Never blow shadow off a brush.)
* Rest your elbow on a table to steady your hand.
* Take your other hand and place your finger at the outer edge of your eye between your upper eyelid and eyebrow. Apply slight upward pressure.
* Place your brush next to your lashes. Begin making a series of small dashes from the outer eye area towards the center. This is what you will be doing:

                 What will actually happen is that the dashes will run together
                 in one continuous line.  Now...Just line your lower lashes the same 
                     way. If you need to you can fill in the line by doing it again.

3. Red lips!! :) There is a red lipstick for everyone. You just need to know how to apply. You can always apply a sheer layer by placing a lip balm or gloss over it.

4. Natural looks are easy w/ a little foundation and a lipstain. If you are using mineral makeup, it is all in the brush and blending. Apply a primer to smooth imperfections, then use your mineral foundation. Lipstains can be used w/ just one coat or darken the color w/ additional coats. Add a shimmer powder to your cheekbones for a radiant look.

5. In the evening it's all about soft lighting which means intense color. Take time to add colors w/ higher pigment. Define the intensity to your outer eyelid crease. Add eyeliner & eyelashes. Then apply lipstick & gloss for the perfect pout. Translucent powder will capture the light & reflect it back making it look like you have a smooth complexion.

Have fun creating a beautiful fall look.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Grey Smokey Eye

I have created a grey smokey eye.

I used TLC foundation by Almay
        Confessions of a Concealaholic by Benefit
        Studio Fix N5 by MAC
        Orgasm blush by NARS
        Hoola bronzer by Benefit
        Translucent Pearls by Physicians Formula
        Smokey eye palette by NYX
        Voluminous Million Lashes mascara by LOreal

If you would like to watch the how to video...click below....

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Thanks so much,

Saturday, August 13, 2011

August Birchbox

Hi beauties,

Im my August Birchbox I received some amazing products.

1. June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque
2. Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel
3. Shaveworks The Cool Fix
4. smashbox cosmetics Photo Finish Foundation Primer
EXTRA twistband Hair Tie

I have used several of these products and love them.

Bye for now...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Part II: Makeup Tips & Tricks for Eyes & Lips

Hey Beautifuls,

Its time for Part II.

Mascara 101:
  * Press an eyelash curler to the root of your upper lashes & hold for five seconds.  Then at the middle of the lashes near the ends
  * When applying mascara for thickness, hold the brush as close to the base of the lashes as possible & wiggle as you move it through the lashes.  Let it dry for 10 seconds then place brush at lash base & wiggle again as you move up the lashes

What to know about mascara:
  * NEVER pump the wand
  * Use less mascara on the lower lashes or don't put any at all
  * NEVER keep mascara longer than six months

Brow color:
  * Blondes - use a light brown pencil
  * Redheads - use a honey brown pencil for the day & a dark brown for night
  * Brunettes - use a deep brown & black is best after dark

Take your time to make sure that you get a straight line

  * Tilt your chin upwards so that way you are looking down your nose into a mirror
  * Apply foundation or concealer to your lids.  Blend well to prevent creasing
  * If eyes are close-set or round, line only the outer corners.  Otherwise line the entire upper lid
  * Soften the eyeliner pencil by rolling it between your fingers
  * Never pull your eyelids.
  * Begin at the inner corner & draw small dashes along the top lashes.                          Be sure to stay close to the lashes.  To make your eyes look bigger, go slightly beyond the outer corners
  * Soften the line w/ a smugger brush.

Making a cat eye:
  * At the inner corner, trace a thin line then gradually get thicker as it approaches the outside of your pupil
  * At the outside of your pupil, begin slightly upward, then flick the line upwards & outwards toward the center of your temple
  * Make the line as far as you want.  In most cases, about a quarter of an inch looks good.

Go for contrast:
  * Dark eyes - grays, blues, purples or greens
  * Light eyes - brown, taupe or bronze

Lip Liner:
  * Lip pencil is a MUST.  It helps prevent bleeding or feathering of lipstick

  * Quiet pinks & sheer textures are perfect for warm weather
  * Dark wines & plumes - winter
  * Olive skin looks good w/ light browns, warm tones or dark brownish reds
  * Fair skin looks good w/ warm pink, peachy glows or dramatic reds
  * Dark skin looks good w/ deep reds or deep reddish browns

Hope you enjoy!

Bye for now :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Makeup Tips & Tricks

Hello beautifuls,

Lets start w/ foundation:
  * Don't wear the same foundation w/ a summer tan as you would in the winter
  * Use your fingertips or sponge to apply.  The heat from your fingers gives you a smoother application
  * Always put foundation on your eyelids but make sure you do it last
  * Check your neck to avoid a severe line
  * If you are using liquid foundation, make sure you shake the bottle before each use
  * Make sure to always use a primer first

Concealer 101:
  * Begin w/ the under-eye area by lightly dabbing the concealer along the darkest area in a crescent shape
  * Take your finger & lightly blend.  Do not pull or rub
  * Apply a light foundation
  * Now apply blush and powder

  * Select blush based on your skin tones
  * Smile to see the apples of your cheeks.  Using your blush brush, apple in a circular motion to rounded cheeks.  Blend up & outward toward temples until no hard lines are left

  * Dip trick - sprinkle loose powder onto a clean tissue or a mirror rather than dipping directly into the container
  * Sponge - for thickest coverage
  * Clean - make sure to clean your brushes after each use w/ cleaner & w/ baby shampoo once a week
  * Makin it last - keep it out of the bathroom.  Moisture & humidity will lead to clumping
  * Oily - blot midday w/ a tissue before applying more powder
  * Easy - use powder w/out foundation for just a little coverage

How to wash brushes????

Here is how I keep my brushes clean & lasting a long time..
  * Each time I use a brush I clean it w/ brush cleaner
  * Once a week I take a little bit of baby shampoo in the palm of my hand w/ a little water & swirl the brush in my palm until they are clean.  Make sure that you rinse them well, then gently squeeze the water from the brush & let them air-dry.  Make sure not to get the wood wet.  Don't soak them.  Too much water can loosen the bristles & ruin them.

Stay tuned for tips & tricks for your eyes.

As always,
Stay beautiful

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sinful Colors Nail Polish only $1.99

Hey beautifuls,

So I decided to change my nail polish color today and went with a new brand of polish that I have not yet tried.  Sinful Colors.  I went with Dream On.

Talk about a beautiful color.  Loving it!!!  I also picked up these ones:

I am going to get more of them.  I got them at Walgreens for $1.99.

Well thats all for now.

Stay beautiful  :)