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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Makeup Tips & Tricks

Hello beautifuls,

Lets start w/ foundation:
  * Don't wear the same foundation w/ a summer tan as you would in the winter
  * Use your fingertips or sponge to apply.  The heat from your fingers gives you a smoother application
  * Always put foundation on your eyelids but make sure you do it last
  * Check your neck to avoid a severe line
  * If you are using liquid foundation, make sure you shake the bottle before each use
  * Make sure to always use a primer first

Concealer 101:
  * Begin w/ the under-eye area by lightly dabbing the concealer along the darkest area in a crescent shape
  * Take your finger & lightly blend.  Do not pull or rub
  * Apply a light foundation
  * Now apply blush and powder

  * Select blush based on your skin tones
  * Smile to see the apples of your cheeks.  Using your blush brush, apple in a circular motion to rounded cheeks.  Blend up & outward toward temples until no hard lines are left

  * Dip trick - sprinkle loose powder onto a clean tissue or a mirror rather than dipping directly into the container
  * Sponge - for thickest coverage
  * Clean - make sure to clean your brushes after each use w/ cleaner & w/ baby shampoo once a week
  * Makin it last - keep it out of the bathroom.  Moisture & humidity will lead to clumping
  * Oily - blot midday w/ a tissue before applying more powder
  * Easy - use powder w/out foundation for just a little coverage

How to wash brushes????

Here is how I keep my brushes clean & lasting a long time..
  * Each time I use a brush I clean it w/ brush cleaner
  * Once a week I take a little bit of baby shampoo in the palm of my hand w/ a little water & swirl the brush in my palm until they are clean.  Make sure that you rinse them well, then gently squeeze the water from the brush & let them air-dry.  Make sure not to get the wood wet.  Don't soak them.  Too much water can loosen the bristles & ruin them.

Stay tuned for tips & tricks for your eyes.

As always,
Stay beautiful

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